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30cm x40 cm Laundry Bag / Laundry Nets / Laundry Washing Bags Zipper Clothes

RM 0.30


  • Fine-looking and exquisite workmanship with special designing and sewing.
  • Keeping the clothes from scraping, twisting, rubbing and knotting.
  • Completely clean and tidy.

Applicable to the followings:

  • Long-sleeve clothes like shirts, sweaters and stockings which are easily deformed.
  • Clothes like skirts, pants which are easily creased.
  • Clothes with lace, with thin and tenuous fabric, especially collars and cuffs, which are easily damaged.
  • Towels and toweling coverlets, woolen blankets and woolen sweaters which are easily sheepfolded.


  • Better to keep the washing nets 2/3 full.
  • Better to keep the clothes inside when dewatering.
  • Better to put some detergents on the dirtiest parts before washing with nets.