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1.2m Unicorn PVC Swimming Pool Float

RM 14.50

Item Size: 2.75 * 1.3 * 1.2m(after inflating)


1, do not close to sharp things, such as: a thorny plant or a sharp stone, blade.
2, the use of inflatable products in the following shop with the end of cloth, to prevent the debris punctured.
3, do not use it as a lifesaving.
4, away from the flame or high temperature items.
5, the temperature is high, do not inflate and close the valve inflatable products placed in the car or tent.
6, do not stick with sunscreen or alkaline drugs.
7, please put in the pet can not touch the place.
8, the mouth of the mouth part of the hard, should avoid the rest.
9, not a long time exposure to sunlight, the UV will make its surface material slowly damaged.