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100pcs Ultra-concentrated Aromatic Long-lasting Decontamination Sterilization Laundry Beads

RM 11.00

These packets are used to clean and wash your laundry clothings. Just insert the bead packets together with your laundry clothing and you can start laundry cleaning. The soap bead packets shall start melt slowly itself (including it's plastic) when in contact with water. It may also pop while cleaning withing washing machine starts due to the spinning of the washing machine. It is fragrant and help cleans clothing effectively.

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Sterilization and mite removal
  • Gentle without hurting hands
  •  Natural fragrance
  • No added fluorescent agent

Instructions for use

1. Please put the beads directly into the inner cylinder of the washing machine.
Dont cut or rip. The transparent wrap is water-soluble material and need not be torn.
2. Put the clothes in and start the washing machine. (3 times concentrate 1 can wash 1 tube)
The product is soluble in water and no residue after washing Softener