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10400mAh Stone Power Bank

RM 49.50

Tips for using the power bank

1. The power bank should be fully charged when the first time you use it.
2. Be sure to use this product for the first time fully charged.
3. When use the power bank to charge the phone, please check the phone screen and see if it is connected well and show the signal of “charging the phone.
4. It is better to use the equipped cable line when charging the item itself or other devices. If you want to use the cable line of yourself, please make sure the current and voltage is suitable.
5. During the process of charging the item itself, when the indicator light turns blue, it means that the power bank is fully charged.
6. Please pull out the cable line when the phone is fully charged, so as to prevent power loss.
7. Based on different digital products, it is a normal situation when the power bank gets heat during the process of charging different devices.
8. It is prohibited to leave the power bank alone for a long time when the power is less than 5%, otherwise the battery corn will be damaged seriously. Please replenish power in time.
9. Do not attempt to disassemble the power bank; do not throw it in water, fire or any high pressure, hot and humid environment. Non-collision.
10. Please do not use any chemical cleaner to wash the power bank.
11. Do not use the power bank if it is found battery bulging, leakage or abnormal smell.