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2003A Digital Transparent Tempered Glass Weight Scale

RM 11.00

Digital LCD Tempered Glass Weighing Scale is very useful to keep you fit and healthy and comes with exquisite styling that defines this dramatic round, glass scale. This stylish digital scale is built with quality materials and with the highest quality standards, unlike other scales on the market made primarily of plastic. Features include a precise load cell that gives consistent and accurate readings every time. This system has virtually no moving parts to break or wear out and is built to provide accurate readings for many years of service. The safe, impact-resistant glass platform is suspended on graceful feel and has a capacity of 150 kgs engineered to the highest precision standards. 

1)High precision strain gauge technology for weight measurement
2)Equipped With 4 High Precision Sensors round scales
3)Elegant and round shape circle scales
4)Auto-on and Auto-off function
5)Capacity Up to 180kg / 396lb
6)Division: 0.1kg / 0.2lb




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