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240 * 70CM Outdoor Portable & Inflatable Air Sofa

RM 26.00

Product Description 

Fast Inflatable no pump needed. 

Pillow-shaped headrest is more comfortable and feet are prominent 

How To Use: 

1. Take it out from storage bag, then hold and shake it against wind, air will enter automatically. The Sofa can still be filled with air easily even in the places absence of wind. You only need to open the inflatable hole and run few steps. Or be easier by using the fan or near to the sea. 

2. Roll the seal for 4-5 times and button it up! 

Comfortable  portable: it can be used for relaxing and staying inflated for 2-5 hours. As a hammock lounger, a sof a or a single person seat, you can lie down on it or sit on it sideways like a couch as you like.  it is easy to carry to anywhere you like. Applicable to various venues: It can be used beach, Grassland, Park, Camping, hiking, outdoor barbecue, backyard and indoor all can be used.