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24cm Stainless Steel Alcohol Hot Pot Set

RM 15.00

1、Stainless steel alcohol pot: It has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, which can make people directly contact food grade stainless steel, which is more practical and safe.
2、Vented hole design: The lid is fully enclosed, and the venting hole is designed to prevent the internal airflow from being too large, which is dangerous and the venting hole design is safe and makes the food more delicious!
3、Strengthen stainless steel lid: heat-resistant and crack-proof, all stainless steel is not easy to deform, pot lid fish pot is mild, lock food nutrition, keep the original flavor of the soup, add anti-scalding handle, hold more convenient.
4、Solid handle: thickened handle fixed at both ends of the rivet, very firm, convenient to take, stylish, and show your noble!
5、One-piece bracket, stable and firm: thick steel, fine workmanship, thick and durable, stability, and strong load-bearing.
6、High-efficiency energy-saving pot bottom: non-slip wear-resistant, uniform heating area, energy-saving non-stick, easy to clean, not easy to black bottom, beautiful and practical!
7、Adjustable or fuel cartridge: A switch with adjustable firepower for easy control of vitality.


  • Item: Small hot pot
  • Color: copper
  • Material:Food grade Stainless Steel
  • Weight:1.2kg