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2pcs Heat Resistant Glass Bowl

RM 12.00

Product Description

Product category: Fresh bowl
Printing logo: Yes
Processing customization: Yes
Brand: Alice
Pattern: Solid solids
Capacity: 650ml*2
Shape: Circular
Microwave oven: Usable
One-time: No
Insulation: Yes
Patents available: None
Cross-border source: No
Imports: No
Material: Glass
Glass: Heat resistant glass
Trade attributes: Domestic trade
Applicable population: Adults
Application of ceremony: Opening ceremony, employee benefits, anniversaries, awards awards, advertising promotion, holidays, exhibitions, relocation, public relations planning, birthdays, business gifts
Color: 2

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Notes for buyers:

1、 【Order information】 Please confirm the name of the consignee when ordering、 is the telephone and address correct, there is no inconsistency between the name and identity card. If you have any other information, please consult and talk We 'll use twelve cents to help you deal with any problem
2、 【Inspection standards】 For example: Threads, the eye is not opened, screen chromatic difference, slightly offline, minimal stain size 3-5 cm error, international inspection standards are acceptable, none of them is defective