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30W Electric Solder Iron Household Set

RM 22.00

Electric Soldering Iron 

Power: 30w

Note: 1. Keep the welding nozzle head always covered with tin. 2. Do not use strong acid flux when soldering tin . 3. Do not use a rasp or hammer to setbacks and beat the tip. 4. In the presence of non-stick tin, polish the welding nozzle by fine sand skin, and then infiltrate it with flux, finally paint tin 5. When electric soldering iron is energized, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble its electric parts. 6. When the soldering iron is used for the first time, here comes out a smoke from end of the tip, which is normal and will naturally disappear in ten minutes. 7. When using electric soldering iron, a soldering station with a natural cooling structure should be equipped.