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2pcs 30cm x 60cm Super Absorbent and Thickening Non-shedding Car Wash Cleaning Towel

RM 6.00
  • Material: soft and fine fiber 
  • Size: 30cmx30cm 30cmx60cm 
  • Color: front yellow, back gray 
  • Scene: car interior, home, office 
  • Function: cleaning

1. High-quality materials: The products are made of high-quality fiber materials, which have strong water absorption capacity, fast decontamination and durability.
2. Thickened design: The product adopts thick fiber design, which greatly increases the water absorption capacity and strong water absorption capacity.
3. Soft material: The fiber is fine and soft, and it will not damage the surface of the car or other furniture when it is cleaned.
4. Wide range of use: in addition to scrubbing maintenance vehicles, doors and windows, daily life, kitchen cleaning, but also for bath unloading, flooring, electrical appliances, leather and so on.
5. Easy to carry: This product has a portable size so it is very easy to carry.