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RM 9.00

-Lip gloss in the form of ice cream.
-It gives lips a shade and radiance but also cares for the skin of the lips during the day.
-In the palette of 6 beautiful shades.
-The texture is quite thick, but almost does not feel on the lips and is distributed evenly from the first layer.
-Glitter perfectly moisturizes, makes lips soft, tender and sensual.
-Gives an incredible glass coating effect.
-The aroma is light, unobtrusive.
-The product has a thick texture, durable color. Glitter does not dry the skin, does not spread.
-Sparkles beautifully in sunlight.
-Gloss can be used in addition to lipstick and applied not a solo, but on top of it with a second layer

farres cosmetics lip gloss-1.jpg