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  • Adjustable Shoe Organizer-Shoe Slot Space Saver Rack Holder
(HUMANIZED DESIGN)Made of high quality and non slip plastic with great grip for your shoes sole, these slots can hold any shoe footwear outfit and size. Get your shoe pair at a glance, stiletto, high heels, sneakers, slippers or sandals.
(OPTIMIZE STORAGE)Double storage capacity, best possible space saving solution for your shoes at bedroom, closet and wardrobe. Stack all your shoes with this modern and fun design.
(EASY TO USE and CLEAN)Just keep all your shoes well organized and protected. Super easy to clean, just use water and soap. Sturdy and durable material, made to last.
(VERSATILE)You can save space for all your shoe pairs on existing shelves, cabinets, decks or on the floor.
Your shoes so essential in your daily life.
Our Shoe Slots Organizer are designed to keep your shoe rack organized.
Since your shoe rack is organized you will not waste your by searching your pair of shoes.
With double layer design you will keep your shoes clean like it's first day.
Material: Plastic
color : Green , Yellow , Pink , Blue , Brown , Black