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30kg Grip Stick Fitness Equipment

RM 13.50

Benefits of arm stick fitness

  • The arm stick is a very convenient fitness equipment. You can exercise while watching TV, get rid of the boring fitness feeling, and easily build a fitness figure.
  • Neck exercise Arm exercise Pectoral exercise Abdominal exercise Waist exercise
  • Exercise 1 Hold the chest flat.
  • Hold the arm stick in both hands, bend your body slightly, and bend the arm stick inward with your wrists.
  • Movement 2 back waist.
  • Use one hand to hold the arm stick behind you, then use the other hand to hold the other end of the arm stick.
  • Finally, the arms were bent in a circular arc shape, and the arm stick was bent.
  • Exercise method 3 neck back.
  • Place the arm stick behind the neck, with your head slightly forward, and hold the stick firmly with both hands to go down or up.
  • Exercise 4 Hold your hands against each other.
  • Hold the arm stick firmly with both hands so that the palm of the hand is inward, and hold the fist eyes of the tight fist in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Exercise mode 5 close range.
  • Hold the arm stick with both hands in one fist position inward.
  • Anti-slip and abrasion-resistant ABS engineering plastic handle, non-slip texture design, safer against skidding.
  • Handle high-strength safety rope High-density webbing safety rope with stronger toughness and higher safety.
  • Note: Be sure to use a safety rope when exercising to avoid accidents



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