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Butterfly Design Body Muscle Massager

RM 10.00


  • Safe and convenient, quick and quiet

  • Provides a really simple way to relieve pain in shoulders, back, waist and other parts of the body

  • Stimulate muscle by a simple relaxing electronic impulse

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Gradual release muscle pain

  • Recovery from fatigue

  • Help fat exercise, burn and decompose

  • Contract and expand the targeted area to tone abs, thighs, arms, etc

  • 10 intensity options and 6 working mode options

  • Chrome plated buttons

Operation instructions:

  • Clean the desired massaging areas of the skin

  • Peel off the transparent film from the jel pad

  • Place the gel pads at desired areas of the body

  • Press power on button

  • Choose mode

  • Adjust output level

  • The massager can be switched off in between the cycle or re-switched on after one cycle as needed