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Car Interior Fabric, Leather, Decontamination, Multi-functional Detergent

RM 20.00

1. leather etc. Not easy to penetrate the surface: will directly spray this product on the clean parts, use a sponge to wipe clean, then use towel to wipe clean the nature
Dry it.
2. Flannelette fabric roof, such as porous parts, spray on the clean sponge, wipe on the stained part, finally clean with a towel.

1. Stop the engine to keep it in nomal temperature;
2. Shell well before spray;
3. Spray on the surface of the engine, wait for several minutes, then wipe with brush or cloth.

1. Keep away from Children;
2. Operate in ventilated place;
3. Store the product in the place under 40 centigrade;
4. Don't put it in the car and keep away from heat and fire.
3. Dry it.105.jpg