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Soap Magic Automatic Hands-Free Sensor Soap Dispenser

RM 13.00

Product details

  • Built-in infrared smart sensor
  • Automatic and touch-free operator
  • Non-dripping innovative design: Eliminates both waste and counter top messes
  • Low noise pump design
  • Capacity: 400ml
This is an automatic dispenser that uses an infrared sensor to dispense liquid soap when you place your hand beneath it. It has a built-in-light and an optional chime that sounds when it's been pressed. It can be used for dish detergent, hand soap, antibacterial cleaners, workshop hand cleaners, shampoo and conditioner.

This item is an ideal to use at homes, offices, hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs.

* Built-in infrared smart sensor
* Automatic and touch-free operation
* Stop germ transfer: Never again have to touch a dispenser with dirty hands
* Non-dripping innovative design eliminates both waste and countertop messes
* Low noise pump design
* Large, easy to fill opening
* Ideal for liquid soaps, sanitizers, sunscreens, moisturizers or lotions, etc
* Perfect to use at bathroom or kitchen at home, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant
* Capacity: 400ml
* Powered by 4 x AAA battery (not included)
* Size: 14.7 x 9 x 21.3cm