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28cm German Crystal Maifan Stone Non-stick Pan with Lid

RM 12.50
  • Size: 28cm x 4.5cm (Handle: 21cm)
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Non-stick Wok
  • Tips: The first time before use, please put 8 full boiled hot, drained, dry. Then wipe the napkin dip a small amount of cooking oil can be.
  • It is recommended to use a wooden shovel, chopsticks or a special non-stick plastic shovel, the general metal shovel easy to scratch the coating (no matter what kind of pan, it is recommended to avoid wok spatula, in order to avoid damage to the pan).
  • For the long pan pot life, be sure to pay attention to when using: Do not let the pan empty burning, to avoid burning pot. If the condition of high temperature empty burning, please let the pot away from heat, and natural way to cool, to avoid violent cooling, so as not to damage the pot.
  • When cooking ingredients, please avoid using different size lid, so as not to cause thermal expansion and contraction effects.
  • As the pot has the right amount of edible oil can enhance the anti-stick effect, it is recommended that after cooking ingredients, wok will clean and dry. Wipe it with a small amount of edible oil on the napkin.
  • Please use sponge, soft cloth and general dish towel can be. Can not use the general melon cloth, magic sponge or wire and other rough material. If sticky, it is advisable to soak in warm water and neutral detergent for one hour and then start cleaning.
  • If the pot heat cleaning, please pour water in the back of the pot in order to facilitate the rapid heat dissipation pot, but also to avoid the pot due to shrinkage effect of heat up easily deformed.​
  • Prohibit dry burning, long pot body life, so as to avoid fire and other unsafe incidents. Prohibit the use of shovels, metal shovels, please use a wooden shovel, bamboo shovel, non-stick plastic shovel, so as not to damage the pot non-sticky layer.
  • Prohibit the use of metal wire ball rough cleaning pot, please use sponge or towel soft goods to clean the pot.
  • Please use the product corresponding lid, so as not to cause thermal expansion and contraction injury.