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Kawaii Chair Cushions

RM 26.00
  • Multifunctional Cartoon Cushion
  • Material : Soft fabric, PP cotton
  • Size : 36 cm x 42 cm x 10 cm

  • The fabric is a plush fabric, fine craftsmanship, feel comfortable, soft texture, exquisite mechanical embroidery, strong and tight, strong anti-static ability.
  • Filled with PP is completely clean three-dimensional hollow cotton, bulky strong 
  • Good elasticity, delicate fiber, easy to clean, no odor, harmless to human body. 
  • Can be more soft and comfortable, no lint does not fade. 
  • This multifunctional seat can be folded for use as a pillow, suitable for office chairs, school chairs, there is a rope can be fixed on the chair can not slip, this baby button can also pick up the hand, machine washable hand wash.