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Magic Hose 25ft Flexible Garden Water Hose

RM 22.50

1. The water pipe has the magic function of 3 times expansion and contraction: it can be automatically extended by about 3 times after passing water, and automatically retracted to the original length after closing the water.
2. Wide application (used for car cleaning, indoor and outdoor doors and windows, floor cleaning, gardening and gardening spraying, household sanitation cleaning, etc.).
3. Small size and easy to store, just a small storage box.
4. The water gun has a water spray adjustment design and has 7 kinds of water outlet methods.
5. Internal boost, long range.
6. Easy to install and disassemble, saving time and effort, and fast installation in three seconds.
7. Good quality, long service life, high-elastic inner tube, high-quality cloth cover, no knotting, no hardening, and small folding volume.
8. The triangular metal ring on the upper end of the handle of the water gun effectively supports the switch to achieve long-term water spraying, which is more labor-saving.