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Mop and Broom Holder

RM 11.00
  • Clear the clutter and mess in your laundry and garage with this convenient 5-position holder to store your mop, broom, dust pan, tools and more. 
  • This fantastic holder will keep things organized and easily accessible. The rolling ball mechanism adjusts to hold handles of different sizes. 
  • Clear the clutter and mess in your laundry, kitchen, garage or office instantly!
  • Great to keep your home organized
  • The Handy Wall Mount 5-Position Magic Mop & Broom Holder has five slots for the mop, broom, rake, or shovel you need for cleaning and maintenance around your home. 
  • The slots can adjust to fit handles of different sizes, so there’s no fat-or-thin-handle-discrimination. 
  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic construction, this is a perfect home wall-mounted organizer.