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Non-stick Electric Grill Pan and Square Shabu-shabu Pot

RM 49.90


  • A unique 2 in 1 Barbecue Pan, you can achieve the perfect combination of cooking food and barbecue.
  • Thickening aluminum baking pan, no rust,high hardness,heat evenly.
  • The baking pan surface with non-stick coating, can effectively inhibit fumes, care of your health.
  • Using high-quality electronic components, fast and evenly heating, long service life.
  • The bottom with large area cooling holes, can effectively speed up work efficiency of the pot, extend the service life.
  • Multi-function knob control, you can freely switch the cooking method you want.


  • Voltage:220V/50Hz
  • Power:1100W
  • Color:Black

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Baking Pan
  • 1 x Pot Cover
  • 1 x Power Cable


  1. Switch the button to the lowest temperature level, plug in the power supply and wipe a layer of oil in the pan
  2. Switch the temperature button to a suitable level refer to cooking temperature table
  3. Wait signal light is on, which means it is working normally and it signals automatic adjusting of temperature by the cookware itself
  4. After usage, switch the button to the lowest temperature level and pull out the controller plug
  5. Pull out the plug and clean the the grill pan & hot pot after it cooled down to the room temperature. Put it in the package box after dry out, avoid exposing it in direct sun light. Storage it in dry and safe place.IMPORTANT 

To prolong life span of the grill pan:

  • Before fring, stewing, simmering, please don't forget to WIPE a layer of OIL on the pan
  • Instead of using hard material shovel to cook on the grill pan, use wood, bamboo, silicone or other soft material spatula.