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Yeast Hydrating Whitening & Moisturizing Freckle Mask

RM 9.90

Product details

  • Natural formula, care skin mildly and no stimulation.
  • Replenish moist and form a water locking film on skin, improve dry skin.
  • Balance water and oil of skin, make skin clean and refreshing.
  • Main ingredients: hydrolyzed yeast protein, eggshell membrane extract, etc.
  • Net content: 30g
  • Instructions:
    Apply evenly to face, apply from face to face and face, and gently massage the remaining amount onto delicate skin.
    Moisturizing, gentle and delicate, even and even. Brightens skin tone and refreshes care.
    Shelf life: 3 years
    1. There may be subtle differences between the color of the image and the actual product.